Morning Freshness

Good morning, Fam! It’s Twiztid Tuesday up in here, which means we have some serious freshness for your eyeballs and ear holes! The Demented Duo have been branching out more with their movie-style music videos, more specifically within the horror genre. Those are two things they’ve always been about, so it’s only natural that with the start of their own production company Better Than Books, they’d be putting out some awesome works for us to enjoy. With their previous video for “A Place In The Woods” featuring Blaze Ya Dead Homie an instant favorite, it’s only fair to assume that they weren’t anywhere close to being finished with their music-video-mixed-with-horror affinity. As a result of that, we were given another incredible video for the song “F.T.S.” off of The Darkness. Besides scenes with the one and only Bill Moseley, the video also included the Fam! All those zombies? Yep, they were los and lettes with fresh special effects makeup.

So for this Twiztid Tuesday, we bring you “F.T.S.”.

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