mighty death pop ghetto rainbows

Spiritual Sunday Morning Freshness

It’s Sunday again, Folks. Here on the Morning Freshness I’ve been keeping it kind of spiritual in that ghetto fabulous kind of way. Today I’m laying down a tune from the Mighty Death Pop that kind of puts a person in joyful kind of mood. “Ghetto Rainbows” is a uplifting tune. It’s all about seeing the bright side of life in the mist of all the bullshit. But be warned to get to catch up in the beauty as you the Mighty Death Pop gets ya when you’re distracted. It’s all about balance. You don’t want to be either extreme. Being to postive makes you unrealistic and being to negative makes you so you don’t accomplish anything but a bad time in life. So, though life may be shitty you always got that rainbow to brighten up your rainy day. Have a blessed day, Fam!

Ghetto Rainbows ~ ICP

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