gucci coochie die antwoord morning freshness

Freeky Friday Morning Freshness

Welcome to the Friday Morning Freshness keeping it freeky for those ready for the weekend. I wanted to throw out some new Die Antwoord for those who enjoy their freeky ass music. I know some Juggalos don’t like Die Antwoord, but they are scrubbalos like us and well a lot of Juggalos do enjoy their music. I know I do. It’s their outlandish topics and crazy ass videos. Plus South Africans tend to be a little weird anyway. They are entertaining none the less. So since it’s Freeky Friday I am giving you “Gucci Coochie” from their recently dropped mixtape Suck on This.

This song is all about the bitch with the golden neden who gets what she wants handed to her. It’s the bitch most Juggalos hate but seem to always want. Maybe it’s the shy geeky girl in me talking but it seems guys go crazy for the shallow prissy type while really just wanting a real girl. They just don’t seem to realize the girls keeping it real aren’t going to be the ones dressed up and strutting her stuff. You want glam you pay for it. Just as the song indicates. That neden will reck ya if you try to pursue it. So go for a real freeky girl and fuck a Gucci Coochie! Have a wonderfully freeky day, Family!

Gucci Coochie ~ Die Antwoord

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