krizz kaliko happyish

Strange Saturday Morning Freshness

It’s Saturday. Time for some Strange Music up in the Morning Freshness. This weekend I’m feeling some of that new, new Krizz Kaliko. “Happyish” is a song I totally identify with. I bet many a Juggalos feel the same. Most of my life when I’ve been smiling it’s because I’m happyish. It’s like yeah I got fooled into being a little joyful for a moment. But life is all about moments. Some are sad and some are happy. I was the sad little girl most my childhood. Now, I am working to be the contented adult. Fuck that poor abused little girl! I’m a strong women, bitch! Anyway, enjoy your Saturday. Even if it’s not the best weekend, at least you can be a little happy during those fun moments. Keep ya head up, Fam!

Happyish ~ Krizz Kaliko

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