Morning Freshness

Hellalujah! It’s Sunday!

Welcome to the Sunday edition of Morning Freshness, Juggalos. Ya know we ain’t getting all religious on ya though. Juggalos are a pretty peaceful group. It’s only the bullies that get the blunt end of justice upside their head. And one bully I know of is the pious snake oil salesman. “Give God the first portion of your income,” but more like “Give God the first portion of these nuts.” Don’t fall for the hype. We all know giving is a wonderful action all should participate, though it should be towards those who need it. Being a truly righteous person is all about how you live your life. It’s about real charity! There is this church in a little ol’ small town I used to live in. They had a Thanksgiving food drive every year with the slogan “Everyone deserves to eat on Thanksgiving,” but I’m over here like, “Everyone deserves to eat everyday!” There is so many caring people who give to the wrong group, person, or organization. We ain’t no fools though. Juggalos are some of the most caring and giving people I have ever met! And some amazing Juggalos commit heroic feats. It doesn’t matter how big or small your charitable actions. What matters is the heart and intentions that drive those actions. So tell me how you give…

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