Morning Freshness

Good Wake ‘N Bake, um , I mean , Morning!

Welcome to the Morning Freshness. Even if you aren’t wake ‘n baking you can still reminisce of times past where you where high as fuck and bring back all those warm fuzzy feelings of getting ripped. I just love starting the day off with a couple tokes to set the mood for the day.

Anyway, I am switching up this Morning Freshness with a little Jon Lajoie. He isn’t a Juggalo but sure seems like one. If you like Lonely Island from SNL you will love Jon Lajoie. A Canadian Comedian who played Taco on The League, Jon Lajoie takes parody music videos to a whole new level. He turns mainstream music into candid satire that will delight you for hours and make you laugh until your sides hurt. I would love to see Jon play the Gathering. So, maybe if ninjas were just aware of the hilarity of Jon Lajoie we can make this happen. Jon Lajoie for Gathering 17!

This is the first ever video I saw of his and it is something all stoners can relate. It’s an awesome video and song. Be careful you may just get hooked.

High as F#%k


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