Morning Freshness

Good morning, ninjas! We hope all is well with the Family today. Of course, we want all to be well everyday! That being said, I have a song for ya’ll that will hopefully give you a new perspective. Since it’s Twiztid Tuesday as well, it only seems appropriate to use a track that symbolizes well-being in the best way the Demented Duo knows how. Although it has a “I can’t do anything right” kind of feel to start out, the reality of this song is that it gives hope to those of us who feel left out. As juggalos and juggalettes, we are the outcasts. We’re the ones that nobody wanted to stick around for, the ones who only had music to turn to. However, through the music that has called out to our very souls, we know that we’re not alone. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say about us. We are who we are, and as Dark Carnival followers, not giving a fuck and just being us is part of what truly makes us juggalos and juggalettes. We’ll never meet society’s expectations, but who the hell cares?? We have each other and we have the music. So without further ado, here is Twiztid featuring Proof with “How I Live”.

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