Morning Freshness

How Many Times…

Here to satisfy your Saturday Morning Freshness craving is a classic ICP music video. To be completely blunt I really like this video. I just thought it was dope shit back in the day when I first saw it. It was all dream-like and trippy. So, it came as a surprise when I found out Violent J didn’t like it. I guess the whole static TV shift thing didn’t really appeal to him. Plus, the video doesn’t really fit in with the song too well. Does it? But a music video doesn’t have to chronicle the actions in the song. In fact many don’t. I will admit that Shaggy just chilling in the back is kind of weird. Though it kind of just adds to the whole weirdness of the video.

Still, I think the video is pretty fresh. What better thing you got going on a Saturday Morning surfing the internet, Ninja? The song is a favorite of mine. It plays in my head every time I encounter an idiot in my day to day adventures. So, enjoy the music even if you think the video is stale like a month old cracker. If you’re stoned enough you’ll still eat it.

How Many Times Music Video