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Strange Saturday Morning Freshness

It’s Saturday and time to get Strange on the Morning Freshness. Just yesterday The Storm went on presale which this ninja preordered! Happy Birthday to me! The album’s original release day was yesterday. But shit happens. Now, it won’t be released until 12/9. As a little present for missing the date he released three songs from the album. He also revealed that the album comes in three sections. For today’s freshness, I’m going to go with my personal favorite of the three songs. “I Get It Now” was a tough choice as “Erbody But Me” was a close second. I find it very Juggaloish that it’s clown town and he calls himself a wicked clown. The basis for his rap persona is based off a killer clown legend.

Have a wonderfully strange day, Fam!

I Get It Now ~ Tech N9ne

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