hump day meme moring freshness

Hump Day Morning Freshness

It’s Hump Day.  The Morning Freshness is not about being lovely dovey though. Right now I feel a little cynical. This song is just really calling out to me lately. It’s catchy af. But this Killer has really got the feeling I got for motherfuckers right now. When shit goes too far you just got to let go and get on with your life. It’s time to say “I Love You But Fuck You.” I am sure many Juggalos have got those words to say to someone in their life. Hell, it could be a family member or a significant other. It’s like contradiction felt by all. You love but sometimes toxic relationships have to end for you to love yourself.  Have a sarcastic Hump Day, Fam!

I Love You But Fuck You ~ Tech N9ne

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