ill mind of hopsin

Throwback Thursday Morning Freshness

It’s Thursday. So, it’s time for some throwback flava on the Morning Freshness. Everyone jams the fuck out of Ill Mind of Hopsin 5. It’s a great rap about the bullshit going on today. A real credit to Hopsin’s career. Yes. Then you got the latest Ill Mind, number 8, that relates the Fuck Volume drama that went down not that long ago. But, let’s take it back to the original Ill Mind of Hopsin. The one that got the whole line of enlightening raps started. The beginning of the rants that we all know and love today. The shit is just as fire as the popular Ill Minds everyone bumps nowadays. The video isn’t as polished. Actually, it has a home-made feel to it. The rap, on the other hand, is just as genius as the rest. In fact, the lyrics are funny as hell. I was rolling watching this candid video this morning.  Have a wonderfully wicked fresh day, Fam!

Ill Mind of Hopsin ~ Hopsin

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