In Yo FaceSassy Sunday Morning Freshness

Well, I have been called sassy. I have that red hair temper, lol. At any rate, it’s what a Juggalette is all about right? You got to be sassy with that fuck off attitude. You can’t have motherfuckers walking all over you! So, let’s make today a sassy day. Tell those motherfuckers, “In Yo Face!”

Enjoy the dope music video, ya’ll. This video is just jammed packed with Dark Carnival greatness. It’s almost like a Gathering of sorts with all the Psychopathic family there, the rides, and even little kid Juggalos. Hell, it even has faygo showers. Truly, a music video of great Juggalo porportions. Have a juggalorific day, Fam!

In Yo Face ~ ICP

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