the wraith it rains diamonds

Spiritual Sunday Morning Freshness

Well, I changed it up last Sunday on the Morning Freshness and now have decided to keep it that way. Thousands are flocking into churches to worship. So, why not have our own little Juggaloism time this special day. And if you don’t like it I’ll just bitch slap that ass!

Remember Juggalos no matter what staleness abounds as it is always around it rains diamonds nightly. There is always freshness amongst the staleness such as the fresh music of ICP in this hell of a world. Or the Gathering or rather Shangri-La on earth on this corrupt planet. It’s a time to get away. So, let’s bitch slap some staleness away and enjoy some shiny diamonds. Have a bright shiny day, Fam!

It Rains Diamonds/ Bitch Slappz ~ ICP

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