Morning Freshness


Good morning, Juggalos. It’s Sunday Morning Freshness with your host Witchy. I got another old school jam for you to bump this morning. This Juggla will Joke Your Mind if ya know what I mean. I just love the old wicked shit. The new shit is great too. Though it’s so different from the beginning. But, that is progress. You got to go with the flow and grow. That’s doesn’t’ mean stop appreciating the old shit though!

It’s amazing how long ICP has been killing it. There are not many artist that can say they have been making music for over two decades. Not only is that a slap to the face to the music industry, but a gift for all the Juggalos. No one could have guessed this world we have built would stand so strong for so long. It just goes to show you what a little determination in a scrubs mind can do. So, keep your hustle on and enjoy the classic wicked shit.

Joke Your Mind


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