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Photo by Ed Steele

Motivational Monday Morning Freshness

It’s time for that sweeeet music to hit those earholes again. It’s the Morning Freshness and I’m suuuuper motivated today! Today is my last day of work before I head out to the Gaaaatheriiiiing! It’s always an awesome time though a long ass drive, for me at least. It’s about 17 hours in fact. I am super excited for Juggalo Paradise which is why I picked that track for all yo asses today.

The Morning Freshness will take a little break while I’m at the Gathering. But don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging. We will be Snapchatting, Periscoping, and streaming Facebook Live from main stage. It will be like you are right there with us. Our tags are TrueJuggaloFam and @TrueJuggaloFam. So, friend, follow, or whatever to see all the fabulous footage we will be bringing you. And remember it’s all for you. Have a wicked awesome day, Fam!

Juggalo Paradise ~ ICP

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