rage against the machine killing in the name

Throwback Thursday Morning Freshness

Gooooood Morning, Juggalos! It’s time for some nostalgic music. I felt it was time for some Rage Against the Machine. This is one of my absolute favorite tracks. “Killing in the Name” is a classic rebel track. I have always been anti-establishment. And this one takes me back to my younger rebel days.

This track should get you pumped to stand strong today. Remember the fight against corruption is on going and part of being a motherfucking Juggalo. At least it is for me. I think the idea that you have to think for yourself is part of why I became a Juggalo. Though we all know we were born Juggalos. It just takes time to find the music and actually be dubbed one. Have a Rocking ass day with a lack of fucks to give, Fam. I won’t do what they tell me!! Whoop Whoop!

Killing in the Name ~ Rage Against the Machine

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