dark lotus

Spiritual Sunday Morning Freshness

It’s Sunday. A day for spiritual reflection. What better music to do that with than Dark Lotus? Dark Lotus is here to enlighten the Juggalo soul. There was a big gap in their albums between Opaque Brotherhood and Mud, Water, Air, and Blood. Some of us lotuses were drying up. Now we have been watered with the new enlightening album. I tell ya, I loved Opaque Brotherhood. But, the new album topped it by far.

“Let it Rain” is absolutely a perfect ending and gives me a great feeling every time I listen to it. That is why I picked it for today’s freshness. I just needed to listen to it myself. It just gives me an indescribable feeling of peace I needed at this time in my life. It’s definitely a great song for a Sunday Morning. Have an enlightening day, Family!

Let it Rain ~ Dark Lotus

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