twiztid Abominationz lift me up

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Twiztid Tuesday Morning Freshness

It’s another Twiztid Tuesday edition of the Morning Freshness bringing some Abominationz straight to your ear holes. Sometimes you just need some pick me up especially when life it getting you down. I feel it’s just going to be one of those days today too. Where I will just need some extra strength to get through this mutherfucker. Lucky I have the musical savior of Twiztid to Lift Me Up!

I absolutely love this song. “Lift Me Up” has gotting me through some thick mud, if you know what I mean. I think it’s going to get me through some more today. Like I said already, I just feel a tough day ahead facing some chains and locks I have yet to break. This world is full of bullshit and sometimes if you want to stop smelling like shit you got to wipe that shit off. Time to boldly face my demons. Have a wonderfully Twiztid day, Fam!

Lift Me Up ~ Twiztid

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