flosstradamus mosh pit

Motivational Monday Morning Freshness

Ok, it’s freaking Monday again. Time for some motivation to start the work week. It ain’t too hard for me since it’s kind of like my Friday. I am only off one day this week, though. Got to make that motherfucking money ya know. Anyway, I have just been in the mood for some trap music this morning. And what better way to get some asses moving than some dance music right? So, I”m giving you some Flosstradamus.

Flosstradamus was dope as shit at the 2015 Gathering! I really enjoyed getting down to that the shit with my daughter. I hope next year they may bring them back. It seemed most people liked that shit. You do you think, Fam? You want Flosstradamus at the 2017 Gathering?

I’m turning this Monday into a mutherfucking Mosh Pit ya’ll! Not the pussy ass most pit in the video but a freaking mosh pit that will break some bones or something. Hell yeah. That’s the attitude we have today, Fam. We go out and we break the norm. We raise hell and do what we want. So, get your ass up and motivated to tackle the day ahead. It’s all about the moment. This moment turn the world into a mosh pit. Whoop Whoop!

Mosh Pit ~ Flosstradamus feat. Casino

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