Rittz top of the line, my window

Strange Saturday Morning Freshness

It’s that time of the week on the Morning Freshness to jam out some Strange Music. Today I got some Rittz for your ear and eye holes. Top of the Line is just that. Hell, even the Rock is pumping steel to the shit. If you haven’t checked out this album and the music video I am about to show you now is the time to give it a chance.

“My Window” states “When it rains, It pours” a cliche statement that really pulls this song together. The rain here being our fucked up relationships. Sometimes it seems that is all there is to life. A bad relationship no matter who it is with can become all that your life it about. It destroys us causes us to destroy ourselves. But there is a little blessing in this world that can help us through the pain. That blessing is music. So, peep out the “My Window” music video and feel blessed you have Rittz and the whole Strange Music team here to save you life and uplift your spirit or at least feel not so alone in our situation. Have a blessed day, Family!

My Window ~ Rittz

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