tech n9ne no k

Strange Saturday Morning Freshness

It’s the weekend and time to party or do whatever you like to do to let loose. This Strange Saturday Morning Freshness has got a little message to those who want a little too much of your shit when everyone is partying up. Some people are sponges and just want to drink and smoke up all your shit. They ain’t around when you ain’t got none but all up in your shit when you do. And that is just no k.

I love that expression. As a fairly nice person I do hate to tell people no though I really want to sometimes. It’s for when you really don’t want to say that it’s alright. A mix between OK and no what genius! I haven’t used it yet but someday I probably will. It’s just a clever little pharse that just cracked me the hell up when I first heard it. I bet there has been a few Technicians who have used it though. Just like dwamn it becomes part of the vocabulary.

Have a wonderfully Strange day, Fam!

No K ~ Tech N9ne feat. Krizz Kaliko & E-40

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