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Wacky Wednesday Morning Freshness

What better way to get through Hump Day than some great musical comedy? So, I dub today Wacky Wednesday Morning Freshness. I present a comedic metal band I was introduced to at a Gathering a few years back. I remember stopping and talking to them one day as they were promoting their show later that night. I ended up looking them up when I got home and found them funny af. Which, by the way, shows it is important to promote your band or brand with promotional items as some ninjas will look your shit up when they get home. I know I did!

I watched their videos and laughed my ass off. They even do a heavy metal cover of the Log Song from Ren and Stimpy! Yeah, I totally feel in love. Check out this rocking diddy below, “Obey the Beard”. The video is just as hilarious as the song. So watch, jam, laugh and maybe, just maybe grow a beard!

Have a fun filled mid-week day, Ninjas. Remember it’s all down hill from here til the weekend hits. Plus all you Gatherers only have two weeks and we’ll be enjoying the Gathering!

Obey the Beard ~ Psychostick

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