Twiztid_Freek_Show people are strange

Strange Saturday Morning Freshness

This Saturday I figured I change it up since I just did a Strange Music song yesterday. So, I’m going with this Twiztid Doors cover. I loved the original “People are Strange” by the Doors when I was a kid. In fact, I am a huge Doors fan. I mean who isn’t? Twiztid obviously is. Plus, you have Tech N9ne who named his record label after them. The Doors are just the shit. I band way before their time. I guess you can say Jim Morrison was so out there he was in the future.

I usually hate Doors covers. But I got to say Twiztid killed it. It’s the only cover of this song I like. Plus, it’s all about strange people. What better way to start a strange Saturday? Have a wicked strange day, Fam!

People are Strange ~ Twiztid

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