adam sandler piece of shit car

Wacky Wednesday Morning Freshness

I felt this Wednesday was time for some wacky ass music. It’s the infamous hump day and I feel like I’m at the top of a huge shit hill. Some funny ass music should lighten the mood. So, I’m sharing an old Adam Sandler track from What the Hell Happened to Me? The song is actually called “Ode to My Car” but everyone knows it as “Piece of Shit Car”. This is a tune I usually sing when driving a crappy ass car. It’s a pretty funny tune. If you haven’t heard it, as it is from the mid 90’s, then it’s about time you listened. Adam Sandler is one funny motherfucker. This song should brighten up anyone’s gloomy day. Have a fun filled day, Fam.

Ode to My Car ~ Adam Sandler

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