Morning Freshness

Put Your Middle Fingers Up If You Don’t Give a Fuck

It’s Manic Monday Morning Freshness coming at your face again. If you’re anything like Garfield this is your least favorite day of the week. It’s hard to get up and get back to the grind. That is if you get a weekend off. At any rate, I got a body mover to get your ass in gear.

I don’t know about you, but I love to wake up to trap music. It’s just an awesome motivator. Like when I had to walk everyday to the post office and grocery store because of car issues. I would push my body trying to carry heavy ass groceries the last couple blocks home sometimes. Not that I am complaining. I do like the exercise. But, yo, Flosstradamus kept my ass moving down the road.  They had an amazing show at the Gathering too. I danced through their whole set along side my daughter. It was a blast for someone like myself who doesn’t go out clubbing and all that. I just want to stay home, do some dabs, and dance in private. But that’s just my scrubbalo self.

This song is one of my favorites off of Soundclash. “Prison Riot” is a great track, but the music video is hilarious. The whole uptight group going wild is always good for some laughs. This is what Floss had to say about it.

“We wanted to create a video that encompasses what happens at a Flosstradamus show in a satirical light. When you come to one of our shows whether you are a fan or not, usually by the end of the set you will be converted into the HDYNATION. The video takes you through a journey from Ted Talks to Fight Club. Its great how Lil Jons voice is depicted by a Ginger all american male. He forces the office workers to smoke weed, get tattoos and tag GTA’s logo on the wall. We hope this video will make you laugh, turn up, and get a warning sign tattooed on your body”

That’s about right. Music moves us. Like quite literally moves us. You can’t just sit there listen and not get hyped up and want to get moving. And that is why it’s our Monday Morning Freshness.

Prison Riot


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