Morning Freshness

Good morning, Fam! It’s Thursday- also known as the day before Friday- so I want to switch things up a bit on this Morning Freshness. Instead of a traditional music video for a song off of an album by a group or solo artist, I want to bring it back to 2012. The American Psycho Tour, to be more specific. This comes from an era where the Psychopathic family was arguably at its’ best, before all the drama that has been circulating for the past four years. Although, things are beginning to get better. Twiztid made a very special surprise appearance at this past Juggalo Day Weekend, plus the duo and Blaze Ya Dead Homie agreed to do a Wizard Of The Hood set at Gathering 17. Therefore, I figure it’s only right to use this video as some sort of salute to our ever-growing family love. With no further introduction needed, here is “Psypher 3”.

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