morning freshness, warrior

J-U-Double G-A-L-O

The Twiztid Tuesday Morning Freshness brings you a song for the Juggalos. This chain smoker and fat kid bring the freshest of the fresh. This is the piece to bump to show you’re a Juggalo, bitch. What a way to wake up! You should be proud to be a Juggalo. Posers aren’t proud of shit, ya know. We don’t give a fuck and that’s confidence to do what we do. So, turn up the volume and jam this Juggalo anthem. Don’t get down when the world comes down on you for being a Juggalo. Remember the word is just afraid of us, because we’re different. But, fuck that shit! They’re just zombies looking to eat some brains. We’re Juggalos because we got a Raw Deal. Keep ya head up and Juggalo the world up!

Raw Deal (The Juggalo Song)


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