Morning Freshness

It’s a Strange Sunday on the Morning Freshness.  When I get up in the morning I like to do a seven chakra meditation/affirmation that I have Juggalified. It’s a very powerful experience. The charkas are energy points you use whether you are aware or not. It makes up the eternal part of you which is inside and outside your body. And the subject of the song for this morning’s wake up.

What’s a better way to start a Sunday than with some spiritual CES Cru. I just love the different chakra colors in the video. It’s like they are rapping from different energy points. The song really gets me pumped like when I focus on my chakras. Chakras are merely where our energy to manifest things in this world comes from. You know it takes a lot of energy to record and perform music. CES Cru I am sure has some strong chakras considering their success and ability to entertain. There’s a reason this song turns people into CES Cru fans. Get ready to get transformed, ninja.

Seven Chakras


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