korn throwback thursday debut album, shoots and ladders

Throwback Thursday Morning Freshness

Welcome to the Throwback Thursday Morning Freshness. This Thursday I’m jamming some old school Korn. How many freaks out there bumped their debut album? A lot of people came in on Follow the Leader where Korn really made it big. I know my friends and I thought anyone who didn’t know this album or Life is Peachy weren’t really Korn fans. It was like people who only knew the “Neden Game’ weren’t really Juggalos. Since high school, I really didn’t listen to Korn for a while. Now I have been catching up on their new stuff which I have been really digging.

I thought I would bring back some nostalgia with the little diddy “Shoots and Ladders”. I loved this song back in the day and probably haven’t listened to it since. Man, does it bring back the memories! Glad to listen to it again after all these years. The heavy, dark metal mixed with the innocent rhymes of childhood really called out to me. It kind of matches the album cover in a way. I loved this whole album so, I may just have to listen to it now. Have a wicked awesome day, Family, and bump some old school Korn.

Shoots and Ladders ~ Korn

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