Morning Freshness

It’s Strange Saturday up in the Morning Freshness. That’s So Dope you wanna par-tay! Whoop whoop! It’s the weekend matherfackles. I just love starting the weekend out with some strange music. It really gets you in the mood to have a good time no matter what that entails. It could be partying up or it could be Netflix and chill. Whatever floats your boat, go for it! Music sets a fire of ambition. Use this energy to make your day…

So Dope (They Wanna)

The other night in the chat on the Juggalo Show people were mentioning Snow Tha Product would be a dope act for the Gathering. I tend to agree. There are not many females emcees in the world especially with this level of talent. It gets to be a fucking sausage fest in the hip hop scene. You don’t need a dick to rap, hunnybunny! So, a strong female presence would be cool. The only reason the special female show a few years ago didn’t work was because the main acts were too mainstream. Juggalos don’t want a plastic bitch! They want a real bitch. I have seen much respect for female emcees in the Juggalo community. So, maybe the problem was they had Sugar Slam pick out the line up. Tela was her “friend.” At any rate, it will be fun no matter what. It’s the Gathering!


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