potluck stoner bitch

Freaky Friday Morning Freshness

This Freaky Friday on the Morning Freshness we are celebrating Stoner Bitches. Potluck is coming out with a new music video Monday. So, I thought it was about time to listen to some Potluck. This is a great track. It’s older than the “Life’s a Bitch” track that will be visulized in just a few days. But, it’s definitely a classic Potluck track. It was really dope when they perfromed it at the Gathering before last. It’s just a good song. Then again I am kind of a StonerĀ  Bitch myself. Though, I am single now and plan to be for a loooong time I’m a Stoner Bitch at heart. Have a fun freaky Friday, Fam!

Stoner Bitch ~ Potluck

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