Phantom X-tra Spooky Edition, super duper morning freshness

Super Sunday Morning Freshness

It’s Super Sunday Morning Freshness in the house! We going to make it Super Duper for at least one day. If you enjoy it while it lasts then it’s time well spent. And don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened. LOL that’s what I used to tell my son when he would get upset about having to leave the park and stuff like that. You parents know how it is they don’t want the fun to end. It would make him stop and think about it. Anyway, I digress.

I’ve been bumping the Phantom X-tra Spooky Edition in my car of the late. With the little skits in there is makes it a great thing to have on loop in the car. My favorite it the Bubbles clip with the Bible salesman. It became my favorite Bubbles moment as soon as I watched it. I was more than ecstatic to hear it on the new album! We know that the ICP get down with the Trailer Park Boys for sure now. On the last Juggalo Show Jumpsteady mentioned that they have been trying to get them to play the Gathering too. I have to say one of my favorite songs off the album is “Super Duper”. I don’t know if it’s the mesmerizing beat or the tale of a super powerful perfect day but this song just puts me in a great mood. I hope ya’ll get in that Super Duper mood even if it’s just one day. Have a Super Duper great day, Family!

Super Duper ~ ICP

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