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Super Sunday Morning Freshness

It the time again for some Morning Freshness. I try to make it super fresh on this day known as pre-Monday. At work my boss calls it super Sunday because we get hella busy with super big freaking orders. Business has really picked up this last week and I have been working my butt off. But it’s skrill for this killa.

At any rate, I thought a nice “Surprize” from the super group Killjoy Club is in order for this super day. These killas will be gracing the Gathering this year. Is that not exciting? Hell, we got a bunch of Psychopathic super groups gracing the various stages of the Gathering this year. It is suppose to be a super Gathering being the 17th and all. If you haven’t already, peep TJF’s little guide to Gathering like a boss and make it a super awesome Gathering. Have a super fresh day, Ninjas!

Surprize ~ Killjoy Club

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