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Happy Mothers’ Day!!

It’s Mothers’ Day and here on the Morning Freshness we are celebrating with The Mom Song. For all you Juggalette mothers you are the repesentation of true love. Today is your day! Enjoy it Fam! Everyone give your mom a hug and tell her you love her. You never know when she’ll be wanted back in Shangri La.

I picked my mom some flowers this moring and put it next to her picture. She use to stop on the side of the road to pick flowers when she saw some she liked. I had to hold them all the way home. I would have bugs crawling on me from them. And, well, she just loved flowers! Therefore, I picked some out of my front yard and thought of those times with her and about her. So, even if your mom ain’t with us anymore you can still think about her and still get her something even if it doesn’t cost anything. She’ll be there with you as long as you’re thinking of her.

Much Love, Juggalos! From one mother to all the rest Happy Mothers’ Day you beautiful ladies!

The Mom Song

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