Morning Freshness

Monday morning’s hitting hard on this edition of the Morning Freshness. For this glorious Moon day I figured I’d share a Moon jam. A good ol’ classic Melinko track in fact. Under the Moon reminds me of a wolf howling at the Moon. I know the situation in the song would make my ass want to scream just like when I wake up and realize it’s Monday.

I’m sure very Juggalo out there has witnessed this fan made video. It’s been around for awhile now. The biggest piece of advise I can give on making a fan video like this is BE EXPRESSIVE! ICP got to where they are because they are expressive and emotional and dramatic. Not mocking this video or anything. It’s just something I see a lack of in any fan video. Ya get nervous and don’t wile out like you should. Just say, “Fuck It!” and do the damn thing!

Under the Moon


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