Tunnel Of Love when I got out

Throwback Thursday Morning Freshness

It’s Thursday and time for some old school music here on the Morning Freshness. Today le’t take a trip down the Tunnel of Love. Have you ever been locked up? I have never been to adult jail but I have been in situations I just couldn’t wait to get out of. So, while you’re all locked up for what ever reason you like to sit and think of all the fun shit you gonna do when you get out. Yea, the song is “When I Get Out”, lol. When I Get Out of the place I am now I am going to rock out as loud as I can to some Twiztid and Tech N9ne. What you going to do when you get out? Have a wicked ass day, Fam.

When I Get Out ~ ICP

After the song “When I Get Out” is over you can hear the special hidden message found on Tunnel of Love. It’s a little game show skit giving you hilarious mathmatical clues to a number to call to find out the name of the fourth Joker’s Card. Can you figure out the number? Post it in the comments below.

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