Morning Freshness


Freaky Friday Morning Freshness keeping it real with some Green Book. It’s the classic tune “White Trash with Tattoos” getting your tatted or even non-tatted ass ready to face the day. Fuck! Man, it’s Friday! Have some fun. Even if you can’t afford to go out or do some thing special you’re not grasping the full power of your mind. Get yourself candy bar, watch your favorite movie, or just jam out to your favorite tunes. Any little thing can get you in the mood to indulge and have fun.

I’m proud as fuck of my tattoos, ya understand! I am pale as a mutherfuker and my skin literally soaks ink up like a sponge. I love looking at my tattoos and they have given me more pride in my body. I got one tattoo and decided, ya, I want to cover my body in these. At the ripe age of 27 that may seem unexpected. I have chosen my artwork carefully while a lot of it is my art or symbols of my choosing. My first tattoo was a red hatchetgirl of my own unique design. My second was the same one reversed and blue. I have 7 hatchetman tattoos total. Don’t ask me how many tattoos I have overall. My hands alone hold 28 micro tattoos. I can read tarot with my fingers, in fact. I’m think of giving finger tarot readings at the Gathering this year. I had them last year but didn’t use them to divine. All my tattoos are sacred to me and I bare them proudly my own Twiztid-Loving, witchy self. If you don’t like it, I don’t give a chainsaw!

White Trash with Tattoos

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