Morning Freshness

One day I’m going to spread my wings and fly away….

The Morning Freshness here to get you ready for the day ahead. We really are all Worldly Angels. Right? We are in same way taught in every religion we are more than this body and will be after this body. We get frustrated in our daily lives. Life freakin’ sucks on this planet. But remember you are more than this. You have been and always will be. One day you are going to spread your wings and fly away. So, fuck it! Don’t let life get you down. It’s just a game or rather an adventure you’re experiencing.

Today is a new day full of opportunities. Let you mind float away with the music. Feel the intensity. We all fuck up but we all have good intentions. Hell, isn’t that what being a Juggalo is all about? You don’t have to be perfect to be an angel.

Worldly Angel

Now check out Tech N9ne getting his Worldly Angel tattoo. It’s dope as fuck! Seriously! I’m jealous. Though I found it odd at first that they used “E.B.A.H.” as the background music instead of “Worldly Angel.” But, really, they are pretty much about the same thing. That’s pretty fresh. It’s like a balance. It’s like each song has the same message but different points of view. I think of “E.B.A.H.” as the dark side and Worldly Angel the lighter angel side. The feminine hook in “Worldly Angel” helps give that angel feel. While “E.B.A.H.” is straight manic tech which seems to emphasize the darker side of having a good heart but thoughts that don’t match what you feel is right. I can identify with that for sure. Most importantly though, that anarchy A on Angel is dope as shit!

Tech gets “Worldly Angel” tattoo


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