I know you wanna be – I know you wanna be – I know you wannabe auh – Warrior!

Top oh tha mornin’ to ya – you freak faced muther lovers! Go splash some water on that fuckin ugly mug of yours (You guys know we love you, right?), then go fill the real mug with your favorite grog and let’s start the show! That Tilted bitch Wilted just droppin by to deliver you a beat for your head and your feet (see what I did there?! Now, who’s got my fuckin cookie?) – cause who the fuck doesn’t dance to this shit? That’s exactly what I’m going for today – home skillitz! Put that pep in your step (cause I know I need it in mine!). What better jam than this to prepare for the daily battle?

Probably one of my personal, all time favorites – Warrior is only one of many amazing tracks on the first album “Psychopathics from Outer Space”. Each track very diverse, Warrior took a special place in our cold little hearts and that bouncy, up-beat, fuck yes I’m a warrior sound that we did the ‘Night at the Roxbury’ weird, head neck duo thing to down the street as we made out way into the world. This song just fuckin jams, and sets a fantastic mode for any day, anything, anywhere with anyone. Why? Because you’re a fuckin warrior – you got this!

Do your own little personal step, Juggalos. Let it get to ya and through ya. With the resilience of a warrior homies, you got this! And when the stupid shit comes your way let that shit wash off your shoulders and give your hopscotch sneakers a work out on whatever floor you’re standing on! Just remember – “Stay true to the game, think big, front n center, buck wild” – see ya again tomorrow!



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