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Motivational Music: A Playlist to Slaughter your Agony

When I listen to music it lifts away my worries, transforms my mood, and gives the confidence to do what I want. I’m no stranger to mental illness. The way my mind works is debilitating, but sometimes I can change that through music. I have extreme lows where I just don’t have the energy to get up. I’m a champ of staying in bed for days. But, this is frustrating as it seems like I could spend my time a better way. I’ve found when I turn on some inspiring music it will magically give me energy. Literally seconds after turning on my jam I’ll find myself up and moving doing all the things I said I should be in my head as I was laying dead in the bed. It’s like what Violent J said in the song Miracles, “Music is a lot like love it’s all a feeling.” And just like the song implies music is a miracle. It’s something that can lift you up when you can’t do it on our own. Hell, that’s why many people have become Juggalos, because of the miracle of this music we all love.

Here lies 10 on my top motivational songs. I put these on to literally force my ass out of the slump I’m in. You’ll notice some old and new tracks. This list does morph and chance as new music comes out while some songs will never leave my playlist. The artists include my favorites though this is not anywhere near all the artists I listen to. Enjoy and be uplifted, Family. I wish you the best on your motivational journey through life.

Lift Me Up ~ Twiztid

Twiztid has to be on the top of list of my motivational music. They really seem to get the insides of my head. Their music has brought me out of great depression steaming form my horrible childhood and really has lift me up!

Worldly Angel ~ Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne has saved my life! I had put Tech on the back burner of my music life for many years and have only recently delved into his genius music. He has been a huge part of my recent transformation. This song espeacially. So, spread your wings, ninjas. This life is only a small ripple in the big picture and it’s all good. You’re more than your thoughts and feelings. You’re a worldly angel!

Take Me Away ~ ICP

Sometimes I just want the Dark Carnival to take me away. Nuff Said!

On My Own ~ Kutt Calhoun

This track gets me motivated like a motherfackle! It’s all about picking yourself out of a bad situation and making it on your own. Now, there is nothing more inspiring! Though I still support Strange this song is a permant track on my playlist and it’s the overall idea of the song that motivates me. I’ve picked myself out of a bad situationship and haven’t felt better. It’s never easy on your own but it sure is empowering. Before the end of the song you’ll be singing “I’m on my own now!”

2nd to No 1 ~ Twiztid

I told you I love some Twiztid! This song really gets me to moving my ass. It’s a reminder I have the power to do want I want in life and I ain’t second to no one!

Actin’ Like You Know ~ Mackenzie Nicole

This has become my theme song. It’s my answer to those who think they know me but don’t. They like to be acting like they know me, but they don’t and that’s empowerment right there. You have your own power, Family. Don’t ever forget that! “I need you far less than you need me.” I can’t listen to this song without singing it!

Burn It Down ~ Tech N9ne

This song is in the same mind set of the last one. You got to burn it down. It, in a way, reminds me of Carnival of Carnage as he burns down evil. It’s all about destroying evil so good can grow.  It’s the feeling that’s important and this song gives me the feeling of riding my life of what doesn’t serve me so I can florish. Now that’s empowerment!

Whoop Whoop ~ Twiztid

“You can never do what I do, even if I became you” That right there is motivation for me every time I hear it. Twiztid is just great music to turn to when you need an ego boost. They say too much ego is bad, but too little ego leaves you dead in the bed.

We’ll Be Alright ~ ICP

This track is just a reminder during the worst times in my life that everything will be alright. It ain’t no thang, Juggalos!

Heaven’s Joke ~ Corporate Avenger

If you don’t know about Corporate Avenger, it’s a project headed by Taxman that called out the corruption in our United States. It’s a sure-fire way to piss off a Christian also. But, this jam isn’t one to piss a ninja off. It’s something that motivates me in a spiritual way. I hope it uplifts your spirit too, no matter what religion you subscribe to. We are all a part of nature and it’s never ending cycle. Sometimes when music doesn’t lift me up nature will and all it’s miraculous glory.

What songs motivate you? Let me know in the comments below!

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