Mudvayne Officially Over And Done With?


Since their initial hiatus back in 2010, heavy metal band Mudvayne have been a common topic of discussion concerning their possible return. Fans have wanted nothing more than to hear from and experience live one of their favorite groups once again. Unfortunately, it looks as though the day of their resurrection as a group will never come. Despite rumors and hope set back in January about a possible reunion, former lead singer Chad Gray has confirmed the bands’ official split. Through a recent interview with Billboard, Gray comments,

“Mudvayne [at that time] was basically breaking. I still love and talk to those guys, but it’s like being in a relationship and all the sudden things just start to fall apart. Mudvayne was just dissolving. It became too much for all of us. It was no one person in particular’s fault. We all have faults. It was crumbling beneath us. I chose to be an artist and continue to play in Hellyeah.”

It isn’t exactly clear what he means by ‘chose to be an artist’, but nevertheless, this seems to be the only word fans will receive of a continued and permanent split for Mudvayne. Although it may not mean much at the moment considering this incredible let-down, Gray also reminds those who have listened to the group over the years about his love and admiration for them.

“I care about our fans more than anybody could ever imagine. I think ‘fan’ is almost a derogatory term — it’s short for ‘fanatic’; almost has a negative connotation for me — at the end of the day they are friends and family. We use each other to get through life. I need the crowd to stand in front of me so I can vent, scream and perform so I can get through that day. They show up and need me screaming at them to check their problems at the door.”

As someone who appreciates heartfelt and meaningful music, I can understand this viewpoint. However, I can also understand the pain that those who now have the split confirmation are currently feeling. That being said, while the end of Mudvayne is difficult to take, it’s clear that Gray and other former members will continue with their own projects. Hellyeah‘s recently released album, Unden!able, is now available for purchase on iTunes and the official Hellyeah shop website.

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