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Murs Accepts Boost Mobile Freestyle World Record Challenge!


Boost Mobile recently launched a brand new, unlimited music streaming plan. To help celebrate this as well as his 20-year emcee anniversary, Strange Music‘s own Murs will be teaming up with Boost as the host of their new live show, Where You At? L.A. The premiere of the five-episode series airs tonight, July 13th, from 8-9 PM PT from L.A. River Studios. Guests will include People Under the Stairs, MC Verbs, rising underground rapper Reverie, and tastemaker/photographer, Estevan Oriol. Throughout the series, Slacker Radio will also partner with Boost Mobile in order to provide exclusive content for Boost subscribers. They will be have access to the accompanying component, Where You At? L.A. Radio, as well.

However, something that fans of Murs really have to look forward to will be the final episode of the show. During this airing that goes live on September 28th, a special “Bars For Days” 24-hour event will take place, in which the Los Angeles native will attempt to break the Guiness World Record for longest freestyle rap. The current record is set at just over 24-hours.


As stated through Billboard, this is not the first time that the emcee has collaborated with Boost Mobile,. In fact, back in 2013 during the popular Paid Dues hip-hop festival co-founded by Murs and Guerilla Union, Boost sponsored the event. In terms of the festival, Murs has stated, “I think there are talks now about bringing it back. I foresee that something may be happening in the next six or seven months.”

Regarding his latest venture with the company…

“I’ve got this great opportunity to be an ambassador. There are so many new ways now to keep people in tune and in touch.”

Following talk of the show, Murs’ interview with Billboard continues with in-depth questions about his plans for the show, how the idea for it came to be, how he will get ready for it, plus so much more. Be sure to head over to Billboard’s official website to read the interview in full.

As for Where You At? L.A. Radio, you can catch the free live-streaming of each episode on Facebook and Twitter via Periscope.

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