TeamBackPack recently completed an interview with Strange Music artist Murs.  In the interview Murs speaks on the music industry,  life as a parent and his first Strange Music album release, Have A Nice Life.  He comments especially on the way Strange Music handles their tours.


Strange is a very structured tour experience. A very efficient touring model. They’ve definitely perfected the Tech N9ne touring experience. I think every touring experience needs to be tailored towards each artist, but I feel like working with them, anyone in this industry — especially rap — could learn how things are done. How Tech N9ne does it isn’t exactly the same for everyone, but it’s the best way for Tech N9ne, and Travis (O’Guin) and his staff can find the best way to do it for everyone, if you’re willing to work with them and listen. They are an exemplary model of how the music business should be done in many ways. And I don’t like to be completely blowing smoke, like, everybody has their downsides. But with Strange Music, especially with touring, they’re very fine-tuned and like I said, very efficient.

In hip-hop, there was a time when there wasn’t a lot of touring due to the quote unquote “violence” NWA caused in certain areas around America, so they stopped doing it. Live performances just recently in art is being revived for mainstream hip-hop, but for underground hip-hop, it’s always been a staple and I think independent and underground hip-hop artists are the best live performers and know the business of touring. Tech N9ne is the best live performer and Strange Music is the best touring business in the hip-hop industry.

Murs also mentioned how touring with Atmosphere in the past prepared him for grueling tours of Strange Music.

Atmosphere did some long tours. The thing about Strange is there’s no days off so you can do literally 23 to 30 shows in a row. My first tour with them was in ‘09, the Sickology 101 tour so I’m used to it, I knew what to expect. This one is not nearly as tough as that one was for me.

When asked about other artist today here is what he had to say:


Also, I appreciate everyone. From the Based God and Riff Raff to Buck 65 and Sage Francis. I may not be a fan of everyone, but I can appreciate and I’m aware of what they’re doing at all times. So not just the independent hip-hop world, but from Snoop to Fat Joe, you know what I mean? It’s a small world because I’ve been around. The name Murs, I didn’t chose it that way, but I’m a mercenary, I’m a born rapper. I’m a born soldier. I’m a killer in that sense. I don’t take allegiance to anyone, any genre or subgenre of this culture. I feel like I’m a part of it all. I probably know more about b-boying than any rapper in my position. Graffiti, DJing, same thing.


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