MURS Talks Behind the Scenes Experiences on Independent Grind Radio powered by Tech N9ne

MURS talked with Independent Grind Radio about Soundset and taking his son to see his favorite artist, discovering 9th Wonder, his Twitch channel, and Music First Coalition. MURS has had quite an experience with his son at shows. He also tells of how he came to work with 9th Wonder. He elborates on the Music First Coalition where he is for the cause of performers getting paid. They can’t do what they do if they don’t get paid for it. He also talked about his Twitch channel and all the games he has playing and how it’s more than jsut playing games. He gets on to the male host for being insensitve. He also admitted that he hasn’t listened to Top of the Line. Listen to the interview below to hear all his great stories and insight.

MURS is starting his own tour Unlimited Up after performing at Soundset with 9th Wonder this weekend. So, make sure to go check him out!

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