Murs’ Mi Corazon video shows an almost Romeo and Juliet perspective of racism. In a recent article on, the impact Murs’ music has on his fans and his righteous intentions behind composing this and other songs is brought to light.

“There were Black and Mexican riots every year at my school,” he (Murs) said. “On the quad, the Mexicans would hang out on this side, the Blacks on this side and the Asians on this side. There was a huge divide and a lot of the kids were going in and out of jail — even at a young age — and there was a lot of tension in the jails that spilled over into the schools.”

Since then, Murs has used songs like “Mi Corazon” to fight discrimination. In ’06, for instance, he made “Dark Skinned White Girls” about stereotypes women face. Then, in 2011, he wrote “Animal Style,” a tragic song about a young gay couple and homophobia. He takes on these issues because he doesn’t think they’re discussed enough.

“I try to fill that void,” he said. “That’s why hip-hop exists, to make social change and to challenge people’s ideologies, stereotypes and ways of thinking.”

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