Mi Corazon – My heart, Murs is standing up and speaking out against issues that have gone unspoken for too long. For many listeners who have experienced the pains of interracial relationship discriminations, Murs wants you to know he’s felt that wack shit too.

Released to Youtube on November 2nd, 2015, new music video for ‘ Mi Corazon’ from artist Murs has reached almost 50,000 views since  the public has gotten their hands on it (that is just a few days).

The video follows the story of the song that tells somewhat of a modern day ‘Romeo & Juliet’ – sans tragic suicide. Through comic relief used in lines like “That’s when the cops rolled up /Smelling like some sausage and coffee and donuts / But I’m happy that they saved me because it could of got crazy / That’s when Leti texted me saying “I love you baby”Murs is able to portray an attitude of positivity and upliftedness through the tribulations he raps about in ‘Mi Corazon’. As he takes a step in addressing the issues that interracial relationships face, even still in the modern ‘Love Wins” era, he’s hitting the nail on the head with a lot of people.

The 2015 Strange Music Label album ‘Have a Nice Life’ from artist Murs has been received well by fans, earning several digital publication reviews as well as many, many reviews of pleased consumers. Comments began to flood in from fans showing love and appreciation and giving high regard to Murs and his abilities with storytelling.

Take a listen and drop us a line about what you think of the new video and of the album ‘Have a Nice Life’. Drop over to Strange Music and pick up a copy for your cd player for under $20.00! Check out the tour date list to find out when you can catch the STRANGE stylings of Murs in concert – with performances from RedPill and King Fantastic.