MURS Twitch

MURS Twitch Channel Launches This Evening at 6 PST

StrangeMusicInc announced the launching of the new MURS Twitch channel. For those who are unaware, Twitch is a website devoted to people streaming themselves playing video games and you can also watch people play video games while they chat. As an avid gamer he decided to start his own Twitch channel.

“I’m definitely on board with Twitch and the streaming. I’m watching guys like Lyric and Vern. They’re excellent gamers and very entertaining to watch! I found myself drawn into it and thought, why can’t I do this? Now I’m playing video games just about all day, because that’s what adults should do. Now other adults can tune in and laugh with me and chat with me. I’m playing video games and answering questions about whatever.”

His channel will be live Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 9pm PST. Strange mentioned along with the announcement of the MURS Twitch channel launch that new subscribers will get “an autographed MURS album, entry into contests, and much more.” Though anyone can always watch his channel for free. This is a great opportunity to chill with MURS, especially if you love gaming. Hell, it may even be your chance to ask him something you wouldn’t ever get the chance to outside an interview.

What games he will be playing is anyone’s guess. Though he states in his stats that his favorite system is the N64 (wow that’s an oldie) and his favorite game is Golden Eye 007 for the N64. What a classic game! I loved playing that one as a kid too. Though it won’t be all oldie games and systems. In his test video he is playing NBA2K on the PS4. Now matter what he’s playing you’ll still be chilling with MURS.

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