Majik Ninja Entertainmet

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Another Big Release for Majik Ninja Entertainment

Looks like lots of news coming from the “Majik Ninja Entertainment” camp. Yesterdays big announcement that not only will Lex the Hex Master’s EP will be available on the Casket Factory Tour, it will be accompanied by a Blaze EP as well! In addition to that “Majik Ninja Entertainment” announced the pre-order bundles for Mutant Remixed and Remastered. The re-release date is 3-4-16 so put it in your calendar or better yet head over to and grab your pre-order bundle now! This is just the beginning of the news that has come out of  MNE this week. It’s said that this is a whole new listening experience then the original released July 26, 2005. Let us know what your favorite song off the album is?

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