Mutant Remixed And Remastered Celebration And Tribute

Mutant Remixed and Remastered

The hype surrounding the remixed and remastered version of Mutant has been through the roof! With the official release date being today, ninjas all over are celebrating with the full streams available through several different outlets, including iTunes and Twiztid Shop. So far, the reception has been extremely positive. With that in mind, the Demented Duo have decided to grace us with some intense throwbacks! Do ya’ll remember the Mutant DVD from all the way back in 2005? Well, if you do and even if you don’t, be prepared to never forget. Thanks to the power of YouTube, juggalos can travel through time with several video uploads from the Mutant era!

The first set of videos come from the DVD as audio segments, starting with a karaoke version of “Madness” and continuing through to “Transformation Of A New Civilization” karaoke.

As for the second set of videos, Twiztid have provided us with the real look-back, featuring five videos full of Mutant DVD segments!

Finally, we have live coverage of the track “Familiar” to enjoy!

That is a whole lot of flavor!!! You can check out all of the videos over on Twiztid’s official YouTube channel right now!

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