My Juggalo Story- Grandmalette

That’s wassup, thanks for sending this in, homie!


Hello My name is Karen Ankney aka “Grandmalette”. I first heard ICP when my two older boys were in HS. I would always rag them about listening to rap…Then one day in 2004 when my oldest came back from a tour in Iraq we were on our way to the store when he told me to listen to the words not just that it was rap…so I did. It was the Wraith album. After I heard that one I had to listen to everything they played and then I started listening to the rest of the Psychopathic Family..Now I am a 50 (well on wednesday Feb 1, 2012) year old grandmalette..I very rarely listen to anything else and I have my hatchetgirl tat and my Wraith tat….MMMWFJCL

Whoop whoop Grandmalette!



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